Welcome to the homepage of Saiki

Marek Ososinski ( Saiki )

Hi ^-^ My name is Marek Ososinski .

On this website I will publish all the projects I am working on at the university and during my spare time. Apart from that I will publish some code I've made . A small fraction of this actually might prove useful.

I am studying Artificial Intelligence at Aberystwyth University. In future I want to make research related to Augmented Reality and human-computer interaction.

I like playing with robots, but there is a problem with incorporating the "three laws of robotics"

Tilden's Laws of Robotics

  • 1. A robot must protect its existence at all costs.
  • 2. A robot must maintain access to a source of power.
  • 3. A robot must use sensors to locate and make use of better sources of power.

The meaning of life?:

  • o perception degrades with lack of energy ( sensory input gets noisier )
  • o unable to remain consious/active without a sustained energy source
  • o assimilation of simple algorithms determining behaviour
  • o seemingly complex behaviour emerging from simple rule sets
  • o adjustments of weights based on sensory input
  • o consious/deliberative behaviour choice of pre-computed actions
  • o subsumption architecture - build on top of the building blocks

Human beings... are only as good as their programmers...